Delupe is a Danish owned company with a focus on online price and product comparison. Delupe was founded in 2012 and has grown rapidly since its inception. Today, our sites are visited daily by about 150,000 users.

The team behind Delupe is experienced and passionate about the internet and online trading, we work purposefully and diligently to live up to the expectations of our users and partners. We are passionate about our work and want to make a difference. We would like to cooperate with you as a store and help you to increase your online sales.

Delupe has offices in the heart of Copenhagen, where our team is located. In addition to the regular team, we work closely with several Danish and foreign partners, to make Delupe as good and user-friendly as possible.


Our mission is to offer the best and most user-friendly price comparison service on the Internet.


Our vision is to give users the best overview of prices and products on the Internet, through which we simplify and inspire online shopping.

Delupe should be easy, fast, reliable and inspiring to use. Delupe must be an effective online service focusing on the user's shopping interests.

Delupe must have competent employees who set new standards for online price comparison, through fun and creative work processes.

Delupe Team

  • Bo Jensen

    Bo Jensen, Partner & CEO

    Bo Jensen, former managing director of Kelkoo Danmark A/S, Commercial Manager of Kelkoo Deutschland Gmbh and Country Manager of Kelkoo BV (Netherlands).

    Bo Jensen has worked for Kelkoo, which is one of Europe's largest shopping sites, since February 2001 - with management responsibility since 2002.

    Kelkoo has during this period had great growth and in 2004 was sold to Yahoo! for € 475 million and further sold to Jamplant in 2008 for a non-disclosed amount.

    Bo left Kelkoo in the summer of 2012 to become a partner at Delupe. Bo is commercial director of Delupe with responsibility for partnerships and sales.

     Bo Jensen