Feed — Technical Integration

Requirements for optimal listing of your shop offers on Delupe

To ensure that your offers are listed on Delupe’s price comparison site and Google Shopping, enabling you to receive additional traffic from potential customers, it is crucial that you follow certain technical requirements.

Please Note

The more product information you provide (e.g. EAN, MPN, model name, category), the more offers we will be able to put online. The more offer data you provide (e.g. delivery costs, delivery times, images, descriptions), the more attractive your offers will look to our users. In both cases, this will boost your sales and lead to a higher conversion rate for your offers.

List of feed requirements

Google docs about field requirements

Required fields:

  • title(type="string", length=150) | Product Name
  • description(type="string", length=1500) | Product description
  • deepLink(type="string", length=2000) | Link through partner
  • link(type="string", length=1500) | Direct link on product
  • imageLink(type="string", length=1500) | Link on product image
  • priceAmount(type="decimal") | Product price
  • shippingCost(type="decimal") | Submit a fixed shipping cost, and use a period [.] as the decimal separator (for example: 3.00). Avoid commas [,] to ensure the price is interpreted correctly.

Optional fields:

  • salePrice(type="decimal") | Submit the sale_​price in addition to the price attribute with the non-sale price availability ( 'in stock'|'out of stock')
  • gtin(type="string", length=20) | Product Global Trade Item Numbers
  • brandName(type="string", length=70) | Brand
  • additionalImageLink(type="string", length=1000) | Optional additional image
  • category (number of Google category)
  • color(type="string", length=70)
  • size(type="string", length=15) | Use the size attribute to describe the standardized size of your product.
  • gender(type="string", length=10) | Specify the gender your product is designed for using the gender attribute. Supported values male, female, or unisex
  • ageGroup(type="string", length=10) | the demographic that your product is designed for.Supported values newborn, infant, toddler, kids, or adult
  • unitPricingMeasure(type="string", length=7) | Use the measure or dimension of the product without packaging Example 1.5kg
  • unitPricingBaseMeasure(type="string", length=7) | Example 100g If you use unitPricingMeasure, then use unitPricingBaseMeasure to include the denominator for your unit price. To make the unit prices more comparable for all ads on a page, your ad might show a different base measure than what you provide here.

Main requirements

Data formats

Shop offers may be submitted to Delupe in either CSV or XML file format. The data feed containing your offers is usually generated via an export function in your shop system. Please ask your shop system provider or IT support team about export options for your shop. Delupe prefers to work with XML feeds. To reduce traffic and minimise loading times, you can compress and submit your feed(s) in zip or gzip form.


To ensure that our users will always see current prices and availability status, we need your data feed to be updated regularly – ideally several times a day.